Preventive Maintenance

Your roof is a substantial investment an should be protected by trained, experienced Professionals. Protected it with Precision Roofing, Inc’s “Preventive Maintenance Program”.

Imagine what your car’s finish would look like in 10 years if never washed or waxed? Why expose a larger investment that protects your building to the elements without any care?

With a well-planned maintenance program, you can extend the life of your roof by identifying and correcting potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. Did you know most new roofing systems require a regular documented maintenance program to keep their warranties valid?

Furthermore, any water damage caused by a leaking roof will probably not be covered under the warranty issued by the manufacturer of the roofing system.

An effective functioning preventive maintenance program will allow capital expenditures to be requisitioned on an orderly basis, so that as each roof reaches the end of it’s life it can be replaced as a scheduled event rather than in response to a crisis situation. A roof system is exposed to all manners of chemical, physical and environmental stress.

The long-term resultant of these forces is “natural aging”. Natural aging along with small isolated
problems caused by abuse of error can dramatically shorten the life expectancy of a roof system.

Maintenance program can be implemented on both new and existing roofs.

Life Cycle Costs

The above illustration is shown as an example and does not represent any specific roof installation. Roof performance on a case by case basis will differ greatly.

Shown above is an example of a 50,000 sq. ft. roof which was installed at an original cost of $4.00 per sq. ft./$200,000. Maintained, utilizing the Precision Roofing, Inc. approach, a modest monthly expense is incurred and the life of the roof system is projected to be 30+ years.

Not maintained, the life expectancy of the roof system can be limited to 9 years and thus necessitates replacement at that interval. Compounded at an inflation rate of 4% annually, the cost of the original roof installation and the subsequent roof replacement project exceed $1,000,000